Hollow Man

Mark Pryor
  • 260 Pages
  • ISBN 978-1-63388-086-3
  • Paperback • $15.95
  • September 2014
  • Also available in ebook format
  • World Rights

Dominic is a prosecutor, a musician, and an Englishman living in Texas.

He’s also a psychopath.

His main goal is to hide his condition and lead a seemingly normal life in hopes to pay off his debts and become a full-time musician in Austin’s club scene. But on one lousy day his carefully-controlled world starts to shatter: he’s demoted at work and accused of stealing a fellow musician’s song. He also meets a beautiful woman in a lime green dress—perhaps the biggest threat to his safety of all. At her urging, Dominic hatches a plan to steal a van he knows will be filled with cash. He picks two friends as accomplices, insisting on no guns and no violence. But a security guard catches them in the act and simple theft turns into capital murder. Cracks start to show in the conspiracy and, with no allegiance to anyone but himself, Dominic has to decide whether to stick by his partners in crime, or let his true nature come out to play.

“As sharp and slick as a switchblade—both excellent entertainment and an acute psychological portrait. Add Mark Pryor to your must-read list—I have.”
LEE CHILD, #1 New York Times–bestselling author

“Witty, nimble, and elegant, Mark Pryor’s Hollow Man is both a sneaky, subversive delight and a deeply satisfying, classically constructed crime novel. A novel, and a writer, not to be missed.”
MEGAN ABBOTT, Edgar® Award–winning author of Dare Me and The Fever

“[Hollow Man’s] Dominic is not your grandmother’s psychopath…. This noirish twisty tale will appeal to those who enjoy Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter series, Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, and Pryor’s own Sherlockian international thriller series starring Hugo Marston.”

Devilishly clever… As the mishaps escalate for the conspirators, so does the suspense, culminating in a denouement worthy of the neo-noir film classic The Usual Suspects.”

An audacious stand-alone that dares the reader to sympathize with a coldblooded killer whose lack of empathy allows his cunning to run free.”

“Pryor’s exquisite stand-alone is a gem….”
?RT BOOK REVIEWS, 4 ½ stars (Fantastic—Keeper)

Hollow Man is terrific Texas noir: chilling, dark, and deadly. A psychopathic prosecutor, a mysterious beauty, and a heist gone wrong combine for a gripping story that’s damn entertaining.”
MEG GARDINER, Edgar Award–winning author of China Lake

Praise for Mark Pryor:

“Pryor is one of the best new voices in crime fiction. His books are at the top of my DON’T MISS list. If you haven’t read Mark Pryor yet, start now!”
—DEBORAH CROMBIE, New York Times–bestselling author 

”Pryor is one of the smartest new writers on the block.“

Praise for the Hugo Marston novels:

”Enough intrigue to satisfy every reader“RT Book Reviews

”Gritty, utterly real and filled with surprises both horrifying and tender…. Once you’ve had a bit, you can’t wait for more."

Mark Pryor is the author of The BooksellerThe Crypt ThiefThe Blood Promise, and The Button Man (the Hugo Marston series), and the true-crime book As She Lay Sleeping. A native of Hertfordshire, England, he is an assistant district attorney in Austin, Texas, where he lives with his wife and three children.

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