Cat on a Cold Tin Roof

An Eli Paxton Mystery

Mike Resnick
  • 250 pp
  • ISBN 978-1-61614-889-8
  • Paperback
  • $15.95
  • August 2014

Also available in ebook format World Rights

In the third Eli Paxton mystery, the search for a missing cat leads the private investigator into a web of intrigue involving murder and big drug money.

Hard-luck gumshoe Eli Paxton is hired to find a missing cat-a very important cat, it turns out, because its collar is studded with diamonds worth a small fortune. What starts as a routine search of animal shelters soon becomes a perilous journey through a murky underworld. The woman who hired Paxton is the wealthy widow of a recently murdered financial adviser with an alias and mobster ties.

Eli finds the cat, but not the collar. Eventually, he's forced to unravel an intricate plot involving a Bolivian drug cartel. On top of all this, the temperamental widow is more likely to throw things at Eli than pay him for his services.

As he turns up one clue after another, leading him ever deeper into a treacherous maze, Eli hopes, first, to survive, and then to make enough money to afford a new transmission for his broken-down car.

“The light-hearted mystery provides plenty of smiles and an occasional laugh out loud moment while also serving up serious crime fiction that will keep readers turning pages….Much of the fun is the twists and turns, the surprises that keep you reading as you try to figure out who done it and why.”

Bella Online

Praise for previous Eli Paxton novels:

“Entertaining…. Lighthearted, but with a solid mystery, the book showcases Resnick’s ability to tell stories economically and to create characters who feel real enough to step off the page.”


“Turn off your phones and make a pot of coffee and settle in with this book…you are in for a race to the finish as Eli Paxton doggedly chases every confusing but tantalizing clue!…I recommend this fun read for your Summer book list.”


“Told in an amiable first-person narrative dripping with sarcasm, Resnick’s engrossing puzzler…captures the essence of the antiheroic PI. Resnick…writes with a speculative tone that translates well to the detective genre. May there be more!”

Library Journal

Mike Resnick (Cincinnati, OH) is the author of the previous Eli Paxton mysteries Dog in the Manger and The Trojan Colt. The all-time leading award winner, living or dead, for short science fiction, he has won five Hugos (from a record thirty-six nominations), plus other major awards in the United States, France, Spain, Croatia, Poland, and Japan. He is the author of over seventy novels, more than two hundred fifty stories, and two screenplays, and he has edited forty-one anthologies. His work has been translated into twenty-five languages.

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